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August, 31, 2014

My husband and I bought our first boat from you, 18’ used Stingray late July, and have never been more satisfied with the sale, service, and communication. We knew very little about boating or owning a boat. Pete Bushey who sold us our boat, made sure we knew as much as possible going into the purchase of the boat. He took us on a test drive, which is standard, but his commitment and extended assistance even after the purchase has made us feel as if we are premier customers. This I can tell you we are not. Kevin was also a great help with his expert measurements and tailor made dock ropes to make our docking effortless. We want to thank both of you for helping us through this new experience. We are so please by the pleasure this boat has already brought to our family and us. Furthermore, the services continued even after the sale and demonstration by helping us at a time of need last Saturday, August 23. We would never had gotten our boat started without your quick response to the situation. You have made our experience worthwhile and enjoyable. We look forward to many years working with you and would not hesitate recommending anyone to this marina.

Happy and Loyal Customers,
Pat & Anna